Women in Insulation


As we celebrate another Women’s History Month, it is invigorating to shine a brighter light on even more Local 2 women who are making an impact on this historically male-dominated industry. We’ve had a number of women pave the way and we’re so happy that women continue to join the trades. One who has been a constant, positive voice is Samantha Lippert-Kendall.

Samantha is a Journeyman and is currently a forewoman at Blue Oval Ford Plant and recently reflected on leadership., “Leaders come in many shapes and sizes. Being in a leadership position is fulfilling and honorable. I hope that each and every woman who gets into the trades, has an opportunity to do all of these things, and to shine bright.”

There is more of a female presence in the trades now than ever before. It is a thing of the past to believe that women can’t be a part of this industry too. “All I would say is, please sit back and watch me succeed.”, Samantha said to the men who think this industry is just for them, but also as a piece of advice when facing adversity.

Representation means everything, especially in the trades, which is a solid reason that Samatha continues to be a voice for her local sisters. “There are always people who you lean on as mentors and people that you look up to, so why not have one of those people be a strong and proud woman, who is a great union member?” Are you thinking about starting a career in the trades? A Tradeswoman conference might be something that it would be good for you to attend. “The Tradeswoman conference is so important, because it opens eyes, doors and conversations for a stronger future. Listening to many ideas and stories is empowering. Once there, you learn to connect and network, which is amazing.”

Samantha notes the benefits of talking to other women in this field. “The women in this industry have a chip on their shoulder, for good reason, because they feel the need to work harder outside their male counterparts to prove that women belong in the trades.”

The industry may still be male dominated, but that doesn’t mean that women aren’t making their mark in the trades. As time moves on, women continue to prove that they belong, and this industry was built for everyone to work in. Samantha added, “Women are hard workers, no matter what and being in the trades is just one way to show that. Yes, we too can do it.”